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Newborn Photos

Because they're only little once...


There's a lot going on when you first bring your sweet bundle home. A newborn photoshoot should not bring extra stress! 

Here's how a typical session will work: 

First we will talk and pick a date roughly two weeks after your due date. You'll pay a small deposit and from there we will touch base as often as needed before the baby is born - I typically like to hear if Mom already has ideas about what kind of "look" you're going for. Color scheme, flowers, special blankets, etc. (No ideas, no problem, I've got plenty!) 

Once the baby is born, let me know within a few days so we can decide if our original schedule will work. 

A newborn shoot will last roughly 4 hours. Capturing all of the cuteness is my absolute favorite! Baby will dictate how fast we change sets or if they need a break from modeling for a snack. I'm patient, no rush at all. 

After the shoot I will get you a sneak peek of a few photos within 24hrs and I'll have your full gallery ready for review within 7-10 days. I have many different ways we can package the pricing to fit within your needs and budget.

Want to know more or ready to book?! Send me a note, I can't wait to hear from you! 

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